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For the foodies, global nomads and life long learners

August 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Thanks to Tyler Stanton for the link to the following videos

For the foodies in my life

For my fellow global nomads

And finally, for all of us committed to life long learning!


Music from around the world

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Posted this two years ago but after listening to these two music videos today, they are so good that they deserve another post for anyone who may have missed them. Enjoy Bono (on war) and other less famous but equally talented musicians!  Playing for change are always adding new videos–check them out here

A couple of early and favorite songs from playing for change.  Great fun!!

Providing a God oasis in a world full of pain

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Untrammeled Oasis by Guy Tal

NOTE: Following is an update on a previous post.

Does holiness provide refuge or bring condemnation? Gary Thomas in The Beautiful Fight says, “A holy man or woman is a spiritual force, a “God oasis,” in a world that needs spiritually strong people.”

The world needs holy men and women because it needs people transformed by God.

Isaiah 32:2 says, “Each man will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.” Thomas writes the following:

A holy man or woman is a spiritual force, a “God oasis,” in a world that needs spiritually strong people. When the winds of turmoil hit, such people become shelters; their faith provides a covering for all. By their words and actions, by the ways they listen and use their eyes to love instead of lust, to honor instead of hate, to build up instead of tear down, holy women and men are like streams of water in the desert, affirming what God values most. When the heat of temptation threatens to tear this world apart, godly men and women become like the shadow of a great rock. These God oases carry Christ to the hurting, to the ignorant, to those in need. They will be sought out–and they will have something to say. 48

Too many goodbyes

July 23, 2010 2 comments

Although these words are written about missionary kids (MKs), they would be true for many of their parents as well!

“Many MKs carry with them the scars from too many good-byes. They harden their feelings, put on emotional armor and turn inward in an attempt to insulate themselves from further hurt. They draw back from intimacy and remain in “emotional exile”—alone, separate and protected.”  James Gould

Waiting for the world’s story to be told

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Should be fun.  10.10.10

More maps of the world as it really is

March 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Someone asked yesterday about a map of intelligence.  I am not exactly sure of what they were asking.  But I found a map of tertiary education on worldmapper which is interesting.  Two others I found interesting: airline departures and one on the elderly which I find to be very sad, especially when you look at Africa.

Tertiary Education: proportion of people worldwide enrolled in tertiary education, who live there. 2002 figures

Elderly: worldwide distribution of people over 65 years old.

Airline Departures

Quite a response to my post yesterday–thanks to wordpress for highlighting me on the front page and to all those who dropped by for a visit.  With over 2000 hits in one day, it was easily a record for my blog.  Expect things to drop down to the normal 100 or so from now on but it was fun while it lasted and the many comments were great.


Seeing the beautiful world of statistics

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Gapminder World–you must check out this fascinating website that plots a variety of interactive graphs over time with often surprising results.  Stats on a wide variety of topics.

Here is what they say on their website:

Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view.

See countries change in ways that challenge old myths.