2012 Books

Read quite a number of books in January. First for the fiction:

At the end of December, I bought Koontz 77 Shadow Street–it was pretty dark, not exactly horror but I must admit I fondly recall his Odd Thomas books. Looong book that took me more than a few days.

After reading, Connelly’s next Harry Bosch book, Angels Flight, I went to an old Connelly book, The Poet–a change from Bosch with Jack McEvoy.  Need to figure out which one he appears in next–The Scarecrow I think.  Then, I went back to Harry Bosch with The Narrows before ending the month still reading A Darkness More than Night which brings together a number of old characters from previous Connelly books.

In one of the books I read, the author referred to Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness–about the Belgian Congo.  I have browsed thru it–think I picked it up free on kindle–not my favorite but I keep reading thinking I will be rewarded!   Theodore Dalyrymple mentioned Conrad’s book in his Anything Goes, a book of essays that I read in january.  Dalrymple is certainly not a Christian but well informed and entertaining read–talked a lot about evil–very quotable. My wife referred me to his book and I was able to read it free while on my one month Amazon trial of free shipping in which you can access their kindle library.   Also picked up Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds to which Dalrymple referred.  Won’t read it all the way thru but may be some good stories.

On the Spiritual Formation front, I read Juliet Benner’s Contemplative Vision–a book about how to use art in bible reading, helping one to pay attention.  I read it very fast and want to go back and read it carefully and give appropriate time on the art meditations.  I am also working my way back thru her husband, David Benner’s Opening to God and Soulful Spirituality.   Almost finished with Scot McKnight’s Fasting—has to be one of the best books on the topic.  Some others lined up for February.

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