3. The Long Way Down

The Long Way Down:

Spiraling down on Black Saturday

Is 53:9-12 and Eph 4:7-14

It was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer.  These are hard words for me. Why?  What for? So many questions.  The fathers will but agreed upon in the councils of the trinity.  No other way? Was it hard?  On one level, knowing the results of what he was doing made it easier to suffer.  He suffered out of love . . . but . . .

Despised                             beaten so we could be healed                   crushed for our rebellion

Rejected                              whipped so we could be made whole    pierced

Deepest grief                                                                                                    troubles, harsh punishment

Our weakness he carried                                                                              our sorrows weighed him down

We didn’t care (and sometimes still do not)

No one cared that he died without descendents

Oppressed                                                        he sees all that is accomplished by his grief

Treated harshly                              Lord’s good pleasure

Led to slaughter                                   he will have many descendents

Life cut short                                           he will enjoy a long life

Struck down

did no wrong

never deceived anyone

buried like a criminal

Lord’s good plan to crush him, cause him grief

When his life was made an offering for sin

To spiral down on Black Saturday means to experience feebleness yet Jesus has gone ahead and He will lift me up

Down, down, down

Lack of appreciation

Lack of respect



Falsely accused



Misunderstood                 carrying the burdens of others

Feared making mistakes                                               object of their scorn

No recognition                  feel helpless                      distrusted

No reward                                        irrelevant                            rejected

Ignored                                                hindered/opposed                         suffer to receive my beloved

Forgotten                                            bad guy                                evil                                         rebuked/corrected

Marginalized                      unpopular           scarred                 isolated                                no one caring     lonely

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