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More maps of the world as it really is

Someone asked yesterday about a map of intelligence.  I am not exactly sure of what they were asking.  But I found a map of tertiary education on worldmapper which is interesting.  Two others I found interesting: airline departures and one on the elderly which I find to be very sad, especially when you look at Africa.

Tertiary Education: proportion of people worldwide enrolled in tertiary education, who live there. 2002 figures

Elderly: worldwide distribution of people over 65 years old.

Airline Departures

Quite a response to my post yesterday–thanks to wordpress for highlighting me on the front page and to all those who dropped by for a visit.  With over 2000 hits in one day, it was easily a record for my blog.  Expect things to drop down to the normal 100 or so from now on but it was fun while it lasted and the many comments were great.

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