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What does conflict look like?

More from our group exercise.  We answered the following question: In your culture, how do you know when there is bad conflict? conflict 2

AMERICANS: Violence. Broken relationships. Pink slip. Verbal personal attacks.

BIKOLANOS: Through conversation – heated arguments. Suggest there is a conflict – verbal attacks are normal!

BRITISH: Voices raised. Flying objects. Not wanting to work together. Tangible silence. “Being sent to Coventry.” “Being given the cold shoulder.”

CANADIANS: Feelings of tension. People cannot talk. ; Serious conflict: Angry words, verbal attack.

CEBUANOS: Tsismis (gossip)– stories spread against the person. Tabi-tabi .Pabungol-bungol – pretending not knowing anything.

GERMANS Angry while talking. Open arguments. Personal attacks through words. Sometimes (or in later stage) no talking and meeting at all.

ILOKANOS Cold/silent treatment – avoidance. Pahiwatig – indirect “attack.”

KOREANS: No recognition, no greeting, no meal together. Criticize each other. Talk someone badly.

TAGALOG: Expressed through “body language like walang kibo (silence), masungit (harsh). Mostly every conflict is personal.  Note: NOT TRUE is the saying “walang personalan, trabaho lang”.  Criticism – degrade the person’s personality.

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