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The problem in the world today

Downhere sings about The Problem, a new song I downloaded last night.   In the song, they are asking about the problem of misery and evil in the world today.  They are looking around for the causes–evil corporations, government conspiracies, even the devil and surprisingly, they discover the problem is: Me!

Here is ther first stanza

There’s got to be some reason for all this misery
A secret evil corporation somewhere overseas
They’re pulling strings, arranging things
It’s a conspiracy

and the third stanza

Everybody’s wondering how the world could get this way
If God is good, and how it could be filled with so much pain
It’s not the age-old mystery we made it out to be
Yeah, there’s a problem with the world
And the problem with the world
is me

Not very popular today to take responsibility for ourselves but as they song goes, if we all accepted that the problem begins with us, the world would be a different place.

And even better, the solution that they point to is that we need a redeemer!

So great is my need for a redeemer
That I cannot trust myself

No, I cannot trust myself
I dare not trust myself
So I trust in someone else

Here is a link to all the lyrics

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