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Resolving conflict in your culture?

Another question from our training, How and when is conflict resolved in your culture? i tell her the truth

AMERICANS Violence. Separation. Arguments. Public humiliation. Sometimes it is resolved. Pursuing greater good (so, set aside differences). Lawsuits. Admission of guilt. Celebrate diversity (not really resolved).


BRITS People move away. Emigrate. Communication sshoved head into sandtops. Avoid the other party. Historically: Duelling.  Nowadays: show down – win or lose, followed by beer in the pub. In politics: resignation.

CANADIANS Seldom resolved well. Good if admission of wrong. Court cases. For Christians – forgive.

CEBUANOS Laban-laban – Division/Faction. Note: Blood is thicker than water.  Negotioation with a 3rd party as negotiator. Legal sanction.  Ang isog magpabilin (matira ang matibay).

GERMANS Not resolved unless relationship is highly valued. Direct confrontation/talking is needed. Inside family: maybe bigger group. With friends: mostly between two people.

ILOKANOS Tagapamagitan – mediator. Time heals. Pagpaparaya – letting go of rights. Pagpapasa-Diyos.

KOREANS Collecting people who support one’s side. Easily divided into two groups.Very difficult to be resolved because of miscommunication. Through third party who is respected by both parties.

TAGALOG Relationships are ruined! Humahanap ng kakampi! Justified our side! Most of the time it is not resolved. “Amor propio” occurs. “Hiya”- we do not approached the person. Just let go and let “TIME HEALS” which is related to being “MATIISIN”, MAHINAHON”, MAPAGTIMPI.”

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