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Telling someone they need to improve

August 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Final question from our group work: In your culture, how do you let someone know that they need to improve their work?youre fired

AMERICANS: Direct personal evaluation. Face to face. Frank/honest. Build up self esteem/praise first. Trend toward tolerance.  Celebrate diversity leads to not talking about improving.

BIKOLANOS Oral communication.

BRITS Boss calls you in to his/her office for private talk, frank exchange. Public sarcastic comments without naming the culprit or “letter to the times”. Man-to-man – go for a beer together and talk.

CANADIANS First time – Spoken gently, kindly.

CEBUANOS Pagmaymay – counsel. Kasaba – reprimanding. Silotan – punishing.

GERMANS Give few compliments. Show facts. Show bad results if continued. Call upon intellect. Use guilt – not a shame culture.

ILOKANOS We lead by example. The wife/woman takes a major role in communication with workers.

KOREANS Korea is very hierarchical society, higher position people say directly, but lower position people hardly say.

TAGALOG Most of the time, “hindi kumikibo”. Indirect – telling somebody. Avoiding hurts. Pasaring, paramdam (behavioral – e.g. dati kasama sa table/pagkain), parinig (verbal).  Dinadaan sa “BIRO” (pero totoo…). Ambiguous.  It takes “LAKAS NG LOOB” because of “BALAT SIBUYAS”.