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Recent books I have read

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Decided on Saturday I would read Larry James’ Fixing Hell. James was a Colonel in the Army who was a big part of the clean up of the U.S. facilities at Guantanamo in Cuba and Abu Ghraib in Iraq.  Read about this book in a newsletter by Christian Psychologist, Gary Collins.  Does not answer all the questions about what went on but at least makes me confident that we are asking some of the right questions now.  Very interesting reflections on how to be a doctor and a soldier at the same time–James had decided he would have been able to shoot and kill someone had he been threatened but I think he doesn’t think doctors should be put into that situation.  James talked to Dr. Philip Zambardo who was part of the Stanford prison experiment in 1971 which directly informs the solutions James takes. One takeaway for me relates to my dissertation project–I need objective outsiders monitoring things and checking up on my health as well as the health of the group. Not sure how to do that?

Few weeks ago, I picked up Dean Koontz Relentless in the library and read it through quickly.  In Relentless, an author flees a literary critic who is out to kill him and his family.  When the critic starts out with a bad review, that is only the beginning for his latest victim.

Third book is a 50 page book by Kent Humphreys called Shepherding Horses: Understanding God’s Plan for Transforming Leaders that someone gave to me in February.  Humphreys says not everyone in our churches are sheep and want to follow.  Some are horses and they require unique strategies. Horses are self-sufficient, affected by a pagan workplace, are strong and fearless in battle, create false hopes and represent man’s effort instead of God’s provision.  When trained in the way of Jesus, they can be effective leaders.


Irish fighting with the Mexicans

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Just watched this on Eric Johnson’s blog–song by David Rovics about a band of Irishmen and former slaves who joined Mexico in the 1846 war against the U.S.  Movie shown here is One Man’s Hero.  I confess that I am a bit stunned after watching this–no I didn’t cry but close.  Not for the faint of heart.

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