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Do not refuse him anything

July 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Yahweh owns

the earth

and all that it contains

the world

and all who live in it  (Psalm 24:1 NET)

If I really believed this verse, then like Mother Teresa, I would say, “I do not refuse him anything.”  For Teresa, there could be no slight refusal to do his will.  She was captivated and controlled by the words of Jesus, “Not my will but your will be done.”  She would write,

Why must we give ourselves fully to God? Because God has given Himself to us. If God who owes nothing to us is ready to impart to us no less than Himself, shall we answer with just a fraction of ourselves? To give ourselves fully to God is a means of receiving God Himself. I for God and God for me. I live for God and give up my own self, and in this way induce God to live for me.

I disagree that I have to induce God to live for me but her other words are powerful in the above quote.  In words foreign to most of us, she would write, “to possess God we must allow Him to possess our soul.”  Indeed her life’s labors in the streets of Calcutta would demonstrate that God fully possessed her.

How could she do this?  Brian Kolodiejchuk, co-author together with Mother Teresa in Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light wrote,

Only this certainty that she was loved unconditionally could have given her enough confidence to abandon herself to God so completely and without reserve.

It was in giving Jesus whatever He asked that she found her deepest and lasting joy; in giving Him joy she found her own joy.

What is even more impressive about Teresa’s giving of all to God was the absence of any personal consolations from God for most of her life.  More about this to follow as I move my way through the book.  Clearly, for Teresa, it was not about her, not about feeling good or fulfilled.  I have a lot to learn from this beloved saint.

It is no coincidence I am sure that my other passage I read yesterday was in 1 Cor 9:15-23 where Paul concludes in v19, “For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them.”