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Reflections on a ministry of presence

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Describe the kind of person you would want around you when:

  • You are sick and in the hospital
  • You are sad after facing a disappointment
  • You are rejoicing after celebrating a graduation/engagement/acceptance
  • You are afraid because of you have been attacked/threatened

What does a ministry of presence in the following job description mean?

“Provide a regular ministry of presence by timely visits to all areas of the field in coordination with respective Ministry Leaders.”

 In what way do the following people experience the presence of God?

  • Gen 26:3  Abraham “Live in the land”
  • Gen 31:3 Jacob “Return to the land”
  • Exodus 3:12 Moses Lead the people, I will bring you out
  • Joshua 1:5 Joshua “No man shall be able to stand before you
  • Judges 6:16 Gideon “Strike the Midianites”
  • Others: Exodus 29:45-46; Isaiah 43:2; Heb 13:8; John 1John 14-16

Reflect on the ways God is present with his people in Psalm 46.

What is NOT necessary in a ministry of presence?

What are the barriers to having a ministry of presence?

What is necessary in a ministry of presence?

In what way or area of your life do you need to know the presence of God?

In what way can you offer a ministry of presence to others you serve?

“God’s presence sends us into the heights of joy and sensing his absence is unbearable.” Mike Wilkerson Redemption

For more information you might want to look at this free edition of Brother Lawrence’s classic Practicing the Presence of God