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When God’s glory and grace meet

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Personal photo, taken in Seattle

“If God’s glory has captured your vision and His grace now owns your heart, you are unreservedly committed to the same thing that God is utterly devoted to–magnifying His glory and extending His grace to the peoples of the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If this is true, God will make your story a part of His story, and whether seemingly large or small, prominent or obscure, powerful or weak, your story will matter.  Your life will make a contribution.  You will be a part of God’s plan.  That is all any of us could ever ask, expect or hope.  God will make it true.” (208)

From Long Story Short: God, Eternity, History and You by John Kitchen.  Apparently, the theme of Kitchens’ book is the following: “The goal of everything is the glory of God, and the means of everything is the grace of God.” (22)

Found this in one of David May’s book notes.  A  resource well worth the free subscription.