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Goodness is coming: Psalm 27

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Yet another Psalm that appears on initial reading to be one of triumph and victory but as I read it closely, the struggle continues.  The Psalmist confidence comes out in vv13-14

I believed that I shall look upon the goodness of YHWH in the land of the living!!

Wait for YHWH

Be Strong and let your heart take courage

Wait for YHWH

Yes, goodness is coming–we may need to wait but it is coming and in the meantime, His presence remains with us–He will hide me, he will conceal me, he will lift me up says the Psalmist in v5.  But then later, self-doubts appear to arise and he pleads, hide not your face, turn me not away in anger, cast me not off, forsake me not in vv8-9

How are you doing with waiting on God today?


Cancer as a gift?

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Whoa, a must video watch here. Story of Zac Smith reflecting on his cancer from the lens of Matthew 7:11. (and I might add James 1:17).  Found this posted on Stuff Christian Like

Smith says, “I am praying for God to heal me.” Then, he concludes with these powerful words, “If God chooses to heal me, God is still God and God is good. If God chooses not to heal me and allows me to die,  God is still God and God is still good. To God be the glory. ”

Towards the end of the video, you hear the number one song on my tunes list is Your Love is Strong by Jon Foreman.  May it encourage you just as this interview with Smith will.

Debating the problem of evil

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment