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The new etiquette

August 2, 2011 1 comment

After reading a book summary on Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, I copied a few quotes.  I am not saying I agree with everything she writes (especially since I have not read her entire book) but she is touching on some tender topics.  Looks to be a helpful analysis along the line of The Shallows.  I have some great stories that come to mind after reading her quotes but I better refrain for the sake of my own safety and because I could incriminate myself!

  • “In the new etiquette, turning away from those in front of you to answer a mobile phone or respond to a text has become close to the norm. When someone holds a phone, it can be hard to know if you have that person’s attention. A parent, partner, or child glances down and is lost to another place, often without realizing that they have taken leave.” (161) “
  • “Texting makes promises that demand: the person will receive the message within seconds and will attend to it immediately. Texting is pressure. “Longed for is the pleasure of full attention, coveted and rare.”
  • The new etiquette is efficiency. People reassured at a distance. On the phone they might say too much. Things could get “out of control.” A call feels like an intrusion. (190)
  • We send so much and receive so much from so many, that we are ‘consumed with that which we are nourished by.’ (207)
  • “Connectivity becomes a craving… We are stimulated by connectivity itself. We learn to require it, even as it depletes us.” (227)
  • The cell phones are a symbol of physical and emotional safety. This is a new nonnegotiable: to feel safe, you have to be connected. The phone is comfort.
  • “Technology helps us manage life stresses but generates anxieties of its own. The two are often closely linked.” (243)
  • As we try to reclaim our concentration, we are literally at war with ourselves. Yet, no matter how difficult, it is time to look again toward the virtues of solitude, deliberateness, and living fully in the moment.” (296)

From Alone Together by Sherry Turkle.  Quotes courtesy of book notes at