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She says, “I am lonely” and he says, “I am a failure.”

December 25, 2007 Leave a comment

One of the most interesting parts of Dan Allender’s seminar on “Loving Your Story” was his section on the results of the fall.

Genesis 3 and curses

Woman “Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you.”

  • Describes the desire or desperation within the heart of every woman
  • Men respond to this desire within women by shame, contempt, anger and intimidation
  • Women are shaped by God to reveal His tender heart
  • Woman will suffer in all relationships. Her desire will feel too much for her.
  • This is why all cultures and marriages find ways to silence women, telling them that there emotional needs are illegitimate. The tragedy is that many women believe this lie
  • Women are always seeking to help insecure men from feeling inadequate

Man “Cursed is the ground…thorns and thistles…painful toil …to dust you will return

· For man the fruit of the earth will not come easily

· Man will suffer a world that does not make it easy for him

· Nothing a man builds will last, all will return to dust

After the fall

  • Women say “I am lonely, I have too much desire or desperation, I am too much.”
  • Men say, “I am a failure, I cannot be exposed, I am not enough.”
  • If women feel lonely and men feel like a failure, how do we come together under grace to get back home to Eden? Owning, knowing and telling our story?