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What I have been reading lately

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Two books that may be of interest are now off of my bedside table.  Wait, I don’t have a bedside table anymore, it is packed!

Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor.  Maybe it was the title that made me wanted to read this book?  Story of her entry and then later departure into the ministry as pastor in the Episcopal church. Takeaways for me: Enjoy the people you serve, let them get to know you as a person, don’t miss life around you.  Just gave my copy away yesterday.

The Way of the Shepherd by Kevin Leman and William Pentak

Short (123 pp) but invaluable “7 secrets to managing productive people.”  Plan to write a separate blog post on this one but it may not get done before we move.  Need to spend some more time reflecting here.  First principle: Know the Condition of Your Flock.