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Created for Praise

You and I are made for praise.  We function at our best when we are grateful and when we honor our creator, the one known as Yahweh to the nation of Israel. As I reflected on the first six verses of Psalm 103 today, I felt the longing to praise Yahweh. I am designed; I have a need bless the LORD.  Is this a flaw of the designer, that I do not function well, that I am not at my best when I fail to allow praise to flow forth from my lips and from my life? 

Actually, I think it is more of a case that praise naturally bubbles forth, erupts out of a heart that is owned or possessed by God.  The natural disposition of a life belonging to God will be one of honor and gratefulness to the One in whom we live and breathe and move.

All our longings are but echoes or remnants of this built-in demand that we have to give our Creator His rightful praise.

He forgives all our (my) iniquity.

He heals all our (my) diseases.

He redeems our (my) life from the pit (a hint of the resurrection to come?)

He crowns us (me) with mercy and goodness

And so, it is no wonder that we are daily renewed.  Our inner person is daily being transformed and renewed as we reflect upon and praise His beauty and goodness. 

Yes, Bless the LORD, oh my soul and all that is within me, Bless His Holy Name!

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