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An opportunity for his power to be displayed in our weakness

Many of you out there may know about the recent melt-down of Jason Russell.  Apparently, Jason is a Christian activist who produced the viral Kony 2012 and co-led the group Invisible Children.  Julie Barrios has written a powerful blog post about what Russell’s breakdown can teach all of us who are driven to succeed. A couple of quotes from her post follow.

When our varied kinds of deep disorientation and insecurity go unprocessed, it becomes an energy in the soul that is so strong that it can accomplish tremendous things, for better or worse.  The need to repress the pain and reorient oneself becomes the driving force of life.

Consider Russell’s breakdown an invitation. It is an invitation to all of you, to all of us, to explore the internal minefield in which our ministries are tangled. It is the minefield of our childhood traumas, our need for approval, and our attachment to our own perceived goodness.  As we explore this minefield, bombs go off, but may we not lose heart, for our explosions are no more than jarring, forthright, and insistent invitations to experience the prevailing and preeminent power of Christ and His cross.

Indeed, when we are feeling pain and disappointment, we have an opportunity to process those desires deep within.  May God give us all grace in this journey.

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