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Am I content to live in obscurity?

During a devotional time, the other week, someone read something from Charles Swindoll about obscurity.  After being in a meeting last night when everyone was sharing about how significant their ministry was, I needed to look up Swindoll’s comments. I know it is supposed to be all about God and not all about me.  I really have learned a lot about giving up control but after listening to all the stories and feeling like my own did not measure up, I realize that God is not finished with me yet!

Swindolll was reflecting on Exodus 2:21-22 when Moses wife, Zipporah gave birth to Gershom.  Her name would reflect the journey and descent of Moses from the paths of power and royalty to that of a sojourner who was, according to Swindoll, “in a distant land, forgotten and obscure.” Swindoll asks, “Let me ask you directly: Are you willing to be obscure?  A servant’s  mind-set will teach you what that attitude is all about.”

I think when I first heard this a few weeks ago, I realized that maybe I am not yet satisified with a life and ministry of obscurity. 

Swindoll concludes his reflection with the following:

“Moses was willing to be obscure, to dwell apart from the limelight, to accept his new status.  I ask again: Are you?  God will use failure in your life to break down that strong desire in your heart to see your name in lights.  And when He finally breaks you of that lust for recognition, He may place you before the lights like you could never have imagined.  But then it won’t matter.  You won’t care if you’re prime time or small time, center stage or back stage, leading the charge or cooking the food.  You’re just part of the King’s army.  People of selfless dedication are mainly available. That’s plenty.”

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