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Some much needed fun about theology

From Corbisimages.com

After a long time away from reading Parchment and Pen, I just read the top ten reasons the dispensationalists did not cross the road. IMHO, here are the best ones.

9. They thought that the other side was for Israel and this side was for the church.

7. It is pointless since Jesus is just going to bring them back after 7 years.

6. Like the OT prophets and the church age, they were unable to see the other side.

5. They counted and it would take 18 steps. That divided by 3 is 6. 666. Therefore, crossing the road would be taking the mark of the beast.

3. Dallas Theological Seminary has yet published anything telling us how to do it.

1. They thought we would be raptured before we got there anyway.

Lest anyone think that they are picking on dispensationalists (of which I am one), they also have posts on why did the reformed theologian not . . . 11. A woman already crossed. We don’t follow women.

why did the evangelical not . . . 5. On the other side of the road there was a guy who was the friend of a friend of a friend who voted for Obama.

why did the arminian not  11. He is the one who is in charge. No one is going to make him do anything. 10. We are not sure if he will cross or not. No one knows. Not even God.

and why did the emerger not cross the road.  7. Because only arrogant people cross roads.

Click on these links to read the entire posts.  Be sure to laugh at yourself when you find your theological position!  In looking for a chicken picture, I found posts here and here which provide various answers to the classic question

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