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Life lessons

personal photo used with permission

What are the  most important life lessons you have learned recently? Two important lessons I have learned (and am continuing to learn?) in the past few years:

1. I am not in control.

2. It is not all about me.

Amos Lee sings one of my favorite songs of the year, Learned a Lot in which he says

Oh and darling, instead of running
I think it might be time you sit down
And deal with the pain

Adam Donyes provides the following list of top 15 lessons learned in a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog.
1. The most important person you can lead is yourself.
2. Nothing is more valuable than relationships.
3. Maximize the moments with your children.
4. Listen—you will never find the pulse of your family or organization if you don’t learn to listen.
5. Worrying is temporary atheism. Rid yourself of worry.
6. Become a better steward of your financial resources through investments and wise decision-making. The older you get the more you’ll want to give away, being able to do so begins with the financial decisions you make today.
7. Balance—the words “No” and “Not now” are empowering when accompanied with wisdom.
8. Spend time reading and receiving the Truth every morning, because the world will only lie to you the rest of the day.
9. Saying “I’m sorry,” when spoken from a genuine heart, has great healing power.
10. Character should always trump talent.
11. Retreat and Rest—if ships don’t come back to the harbor, they’ll eventually sink.
12. Don’t stop learning—you’re not as smart as you think.
13. Learn to value patience. You’re likely to learn more while you wait.
14. Time management—without it time will control you.
15. Develop authentic and deep relationships with men who will sharpen you and see through you.

What are the important life lessons you have learned lately?

  1. katy
    August 24, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    do you have to get permission from mom to use photos of her? 😉

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