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Repentance: a new direction without regret

One way from istockphoto

Enjoy the following on metanoia (repentance) by Scott Cairns.


Repentance, to be sure,

but of a species far

less likely to oblige

sheepish repetition.

Repentance, you’ll observe,

glibly bears the bent

of thought revisited,

and mind’s familiar stamp

—a quaint, half-hearted

doubleness that couples

all compunction with a pledge

of recurrent screw-up

The heart’s metanoia,

on the other hand, turns

without regret, turns not

so much away, as toward,

as if the slow pilgrim

has been surprised to find

that sin is not so bad

as it is a waste of time.

“Adventures in New Testament Greek: Metanoia” from Compass of Affection: Poems New and Selected

© 2006 Scott Cairns .Used by permission of Paraclete Press, paracletepress.com

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