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Worshipping God as King

If God owns everything 24:2

  • “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it
  • the world and those who dwell in it

If God is creator 24:2

  • He is the founder
  • He is the establisher

Let us worship God as King 24:3-6)

  • In his holy place 24:3
  • with clean hands 24:4
  • with a pure heart 24:4
  • in other words, “with moral integrity with respect to both actions and thoughts” (Craige)
  • who does not lift up his soul to what is false (“not a worshiper of emptiness” Craige) 24:4
  • does not swear deceitfully 24:4
  • Let us be seek him 24:6

He is the King of Glory 24:7-10

(perhaps a reference to the return of the ark to Jerusalem in 2 Sam 6:12-19)

Who is this king of glory? 24:8

  • the Lord strong and mighty
  • the Lord mighty in battle

Who is this king of glory? 24:10

  • the LORD of Hosts
  • He is the king of glory

Open wide your doors 24:9

  • Let the king of glory come in!
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