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Waiting with God for a few moments

Waiting for the blue line by Dan States

Sitting before Psalm 46 this week and I find myself caught up with verse 1.

Can I be content with sitting before and with God? Quiet before the God of the Universe. Not easy.

He exists in my present reality.  He defines my reality.  He is present with me. What a great gift.

I am not alone in this world.  I am connected with others who hold on by faith to God above.

My hiding place. I run to other places and yet I always return.  Thank you that the door is never closed.

How grateful that I do not have to be strong.  Be my strength God. Enable to do more with you than I could ever do on my own.

Other thoughts from earlier in the week:
God offers to us a  ministry of presence and maybe like retreats I become uncomfortable with that.  Reminds me of Heb 12:1–I am not sure I always want a cloud of witnesses surrounding me and observing me!  Does God offer a ministry of presence with us and we/I just want him to fix my situation and then leave me alone?  Ouch!  And He sometimes does fix things but not always and when He does, always His fixing, reconciling, making right, healing, restoring, rebuilding is in HIS time.

But He offers immediate refuge, a place to hide, even if a few moments.  A place far removed from the troubles of this world–a grasping of the horns of the altar.  a fleeing to him for refuge and peace.  Seeing him supply my every need.


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