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Predicting excuses Camping will make?

When the rapture does not come today and the world does not end in a few months, what excuses will Pastor Camping and his followers be making?  To be honest, I get angry at the foolishness speculations this kind of thing stirs up.  How wrong is Mr. Camping to predict a date for Christ’s Second Coming and how wrong he is to tell the world that after Christ returns people do not have any more chance to repent and trust Christ.  He forgets the beautiful provision of  grace.

Ok, what excuses will be made when nothing happens at 6 pm?

1. I meant Pacific Time, not Eastern Time

2. May 21 was just a warning–the real end will be on October 21–that is what I have been saying all along

3. That big earthquake in the Fiji Islands and heavy rain in Seattle shows that I am right

4. I heard wrong, it really was supposed to be 2021–my bad

What excuses can you predict?

  1. May 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    did i say the world was going to end? my bad, i meant the word is ending… whatever that means. hahaha

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