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Psalm for the week: Psalm 32

Harmless sins by Duncan Long

I noticed clusters of three as I read through Psalm 32 today.  These triads draw attention to the odd one out!  The first triad comes in verses 1 and 2

What to do with my sin? 1-2

  • acknowledge my sin
  • don’t cover up my iniquity
  • confess my transgressions

I may think I can handle these words but then I read the fourth point at the end of verse 2–“in whose spirit is no deceit.”  Uh, oh.  If I am not honest, not much point in confessing, acknowledging, and asking God to cover up my sin.

Other triads:

What happens when we keep quiet about our sin?   3-4

  • bones wasted away
  • your hand heavy upon me
  • my strength dried up

When the godly pray in 6, what happens:

  • you are our hiding place
  • you preserve us from trouble
  • you surround us with deliverance

What God does for us 8

  • I will instruct you
  • I will teach you
  • I will counsel you

I don’t think verse 9 fits the triad structure. We are warned to not be stubborn. I read this as a warning about being honest.  Don’t refuse to admit your sin!!  Don’t be like a horse/mule

  • without understanding
  • must be curbed with bit and bridle in order for it
  • to stay near you

Another non-triad in verse 10.  A contrast between the wicked and those trusting God

  • wicked–many are their sorrows
  • those trusting God–surrounded by God’s steadfast love

Final triadic blessing for those who trust in the LORD 11

  • Be glad
  • Rejoice
  • shout for joy

I wish the mule comparison did not fit me but I know how prone I am to wander away. Help me Lord to be honest and sensitive to your work in my life today.

How is God speaking to you today?

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