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Sunday morning prayer

Vox Climantis by Salvador Dali Die heilige Bibel

A meditation on Psalm 143

If I am your servant
How is it that
My heart is not engaged
My soul is not desperate
My life is not threatened
And yet my spirit grows weak?
What do I do?

Remember your character

  • Your love
  • Mercy
  • Faithfulness
  • Righteousness
  • Goodness

Meditate upon your works
And fear your judgment

Is it all about your glory?
All about you?
In my head
But in my heart?

Make me to know
Let me hear
Hide not your face
Deliver me
Lead me
Teach me
Preserve my life
Destroy my enemies

For the sake of your name
Here is where it
Must begin
And end
I am your servant

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