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Is God enough without any of his gifts?

Unreachable by euroborne

NOTE: Following is an update on a previous post.

Double-mindedness says Kierkegaard is to will the good

for the sake of reward

out of fear of punishmentPurity of Heart

He reminds us that the reward may be present or may be absent when we seek the good.  We are to walk with only the good before our eyes (as opposed to the reward drawing us along).

Reminds me of Hebrews 11:6, Those who approach God “must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”

The God of the Bible is good. He loves to bless and give good gifts to his children.  God is not my harsh earthly father who reluctantly rewarded. Who  in the middle of a reward made you feel that your good was not good enough. Providing a drink but leaving you more thirsty than ever.

When we believe that we serve a God who rewards those who seek him we have the possibility of freedom and joy in life.

We do not serve in order to win God’s approval or love!  May it never be!!

God’s fundamental character is that he loves to bless and reward those who seek him.  Remember our own seeking of God is only possible because He took the initiative (1 Jn 4).

And yet . . . if I am serving (or seeking the good to use Kierkegaard’s words), for the sake of the reward, then something may be wrong.

Is God enough without any of his gifts?

What about the sheer joy of enjoying God while I run the race? Remember, “when I run, I experience his pleasure.”

Hebrews talks about the men and women of faith who kept living by faith and in obedience even though they did not receive any reward in this life–they were looking ahead to what would come (Heb 11:13-16, 35, 39, 40).   Their heavenly rewards certainly exceeded any of the pleasures that sin or compromise might have brought to them.

I wonder if what kept them going was not the thought of the reward in and of itself but thoughts of the goodness, beauty and generosity of the rewarder.

Rewards do come for those who have been faithful.  But, Lord, let me not become double-minded by willing good for the sake of the reward.  You are enough!

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