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God’s three gifts to sufferers

When William Stunz died on March 15, he left behind a tremendous gift–a much needed legacy in how to live in the face of death and suffering.  A year ago I made a post  about a must-read interview Timothy Dalrymple had with Stunz. Following Stunz’s recent death, Dalrymple describes the three gifts, that according to Stunz, God gives to those who suffer. Powerful words.  Please share them freely.

1. God redeems, working through the curses of our lives to bring about blessing.

“It’s enough to know that I do not, and we do not, suffer pointlessly. Our God delights in taking the worst things in life and using them to produce the best things in life.”

2. Second, God restores, returning to us a portion of the dignity our afflictions have stolen from us.

“It’s part of this world’s deep magic that when the One Man, who is so supremely beautiful that his existence defines beauty—when that one man took on himself all the worst ugliness this world has to offer, he changed forever what it means to live in the midst of that ugliness, to live in the midst of pain and loss and hardship. My disease may be ugly . . . But I am not, and thanks be to God for that. I no longer need to wear those foul clothes that cancer spun for me. God the Son gave me cleaner clothes to wear, clothes I did not buy and do not deserve. He elevates all he touches, and he has touched ultimate suffering and he has also touched me.”

3. Third, God remembers, holding us in his heart even in the worst of our sufferings.

“Standing with us in the midst of those curses is the God who longs to redeem and restore and remember and wrap you in his arms. And if there is one thing I have learned in the midst of cancer and chronic pain, it is this: God is larger and stronger and more powerful than the worst disease.”

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