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Gamla: Masada of the North

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A four star highlight of my trip to Israel in October was a trip Gamla, known as the Masada of the North. Or maybe it should be that Masada was the Gamla of the South! In any case, Gamla was a place of heroic struggle by the Jews against the Romans around 68 A.D.

Josephus wrote about Gamla and it turns out that he was likely the leader of the city at the time it was taken by the Romans.  I am not exactly sure where Josephus was at the time Gamla was taken since all but two women were said to have been killed, many jumping off the steepest point in an attempt to escape the Romans. Gamla is a beautiful place, overlooking the Sea of Galilee from the West.

Gamla is a place of archeology, history, martyrdom and of memorial.

I found a number of sites that describe the historical events of Gamla, that describe why it is must visit for tourists, BibleWalks.com provides the most detail regarding the history, geography and discusses even the flora and fauna of the place.  As I looked at their site, I realized that in our two hours in Gamla, we had hardly scratched the surface since we chose not to take the hike down to the old city.

Gamla, located in the Golan Heights was not part of occupied Israel until the late 1960’s when it was re-discovered.

At one spot is a moving memorial to the Israeli settlers who were killed by terrorists which you can read about here and here.  Unfortunately I still don’t have a translation of the Hebrew which is posted in the picture here and is also shown here. Gamla  appears to be used as a rallying cry by for those who have killed by terrorists with a Gamla memorial site dedicated as a “memorial to Israelis who have been murdered since September 2000.”  There are 47 pages of profiles (15 people per page) of those who have lost their life since 2000. I hesitate to mention the Gamla memorial site since when you get beyond the memorial site, things gets quite militant, much more right than I am comfortable with.

A place worth visiting if you have an extra day but you will need to rent a car since it is not on the way to anywhere except to Jordan.  Along with Gamla, we made a trip to Susita, which deserves another post!

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