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Understanding the heart of Mother Teresa

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Why did Mother Teresa want to reach out to the poor of Calcutta. She articulates her  vision and passion here:

We shall be “bringing happiness into these unhappy homes. Amongst the very poor—what suffering the mothers undergo—on account of their children—on account of their husbands.—My Sisters will care for their children—will nurse the sick, the old, & the dying in their homes.—They will teach the young wives how to make their homes happy. There are many places where the priest even can not get at—but a Missionary of Charity will by her work enter every hole—wherever there is human life, wherever there is a soul for Jesus.”

How many die without God—just because there was nobody to say one word about His Mercy.—The sufferings of their body make them forget the terrible sufferings their souls will have for all Eternity.

Here, she is trying to explain to her superiors why she should be allowed to start her new ministry.

I know you are afraid for me. You are afraid that the whole thing will be a failure.—What about it? Is it not worth going through every possible suffering just for one single soul? Did not Our Lord do the same: What a failure was His Cross on Calvary—and all for me, a sinner.

What if the good God wants my name? I am His and His only.—The rest has no hold on me. I can do without all the rest if I have Him. Fear not for me—nor for those who will join me—He will look after us all. He will be with us.

He will do all. I, I am only a little instrument in His hands, and because I am just nothing, He wants to use me.

Mother Teresa speaks about her own self-love and feelings of inadequacy.

By nature I am sensitive, love beautiful and nice things, comfort and all the comfort can give—to be loved and love.

The complete poverty, the Indian life, the life of the poorest will mean a hard toil against my great self love.

I feel sometimes afraid, for I have nothing, no brains, no learning, no qualities required for such a work, and yet I tell Him that my heart is free from everything and so it belongs completely to Him, and Him alone. He can use me just as it will please Him best. To please Him only is the joy I seek.

All of the above quotes are from Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light by Mother Teresa and Brian Kolodiejchuk.


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