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Why do we fear silence?

 In our “connected” world, getting away (whatever that means) for some time in silence and solitude is not easy.  Following is the revision of an older post.

For a number of years in my walk with Jesus, I have known of His personal example of taking time for silence and solitude (S & S) and knew that this should be a regular practice in my life. However, I was afraid to make space in my life for regular days away with God to listen and reflect. I thought I “might miss some opportunity in life” if I went away. Indeed this is a sad admission to make. There are a number of other fears and anxieties that I have identified related to S & S

But I have begun to discover that my life diminishes without extended time set aside for S & S and becomes alive during periods set aside for S & S. An essential element in my emotional healing from burnout has been S & S in which I have been able to process current life events and receive love from God.  I no longer view S & S as something I should do but something that my heart longs for. At the same time, my heart has been awakened to its longing to meet with God through the reading of Scripture and prayer.

What do I fear about silence and solitude?  Here are a few things I wrote a few years ago:

What will I see in myself? Will God be silent? What will other people think? Will there be sexual temptations? Will I be bored? Going through the motions without a heart engagement? Not enough time? Maybe God will not meet with me, will He also reject me? Will I sleep too much or do the wrong thing? Will I be lonely? Will a lack of exercise leave me lethargic and depressed? Am I afraid that I will miss what God wants to show me? Am I willing to let go and trust God to speak? Will God initiate? Can I let go and allow God to be in control? Will I be able to weep and mourn my losses? Will I be able to achieve the intimacy for which I long?

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