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Perseverance of grief

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

From a July 18 post by John whose wife died in March.

I sense I’ve marked a transition during the past several weeks.  It’s a movement from the “crisis of grief” into “perseverance of grief.”  Much of the numbness and severe disorientation have passed.  Acute heartache and pain have given way to a steady ache and a lingering low.

Learning the rhythms of keeping going are the present lessons.  Simple practical things like managing our home represent a challenge.  How do I as one do what two did before.  I realize, my single friends are probably laughing right now as they have mastered these rhythms long ago but for me they are unfamiliar and I’m rhythmically challenged!

If the lessons of the “crisis of grief” centered on God is present and the deep comfort and peace from the lover of my soul, I wonder what the lessons of this new season may be?  My struggles relate to the loneliness of an empty house, resilience to heal and grow with such loss and woundedness, and questions of “Who am I as one after so long as we?”

I’m confident that in this fresh season of grief that He who has extended His hand and invited me to hold it and take the next step with Him, will continue to be there leading around the bend to discover what’s next on the way.  There’s something profoundly assuring knowing that He is the way!

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