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Remember your baptism

Baptism of Christ by da Vinci

“Remember your baptism and the community to which you belonged.  You belonged to them and they belonged to you.”  So said Pastor Scott Loo in his message on Acts 2:36-47 last Sunday. Three questions face us in baptism, according to Pastor Scott. Will you turn from sin? Will you turn to Jesus? Will you live as Christ’s faithful disciple?

I think he is on to something!   Remember your first love Jesus warns a church that had grown cold in Revelation 2:4.  Remember how you began your Christian life Paul exhorts the church moving toward legalism and a works righteousness in Colossians 3:3  “Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?”

Yes, remember your baptism.

What memories come to mind as you think about your baptism?

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