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Nthng nw abt txt msg

For those who moan about the damage text messaging is doing to the English language, it might be good for them to read Elegy to the Memory of Miss Emily Kay, written in 1828!!

Following are four verses that Ben Zimmer encrypted (he translated all 9 verses) for those who have refused to join in the text message world.  For fellow text messengers, you probably would have figured it out on your own.  Found this on visual thesaurus, a great subscription website that I use every week.

Sad nymphs of UL, U have much to cry for,
Sad nymphs of Ewell, you have much to cry for,

Sweet MLE K U never more shall C!
Sweet Emily Kay you never more shall see!

O SX maids! come hither, and VU,
O Essex maids! come hither, and view,

With tearful I this MT LEG.
With tearful eye this empty elegy.

Without XS she did XL alway—
Without excess she did excel alway—

Ah me! it truly vexes 1 2 C
Ah me! it truly vexes one to see

How soon so DR a creature may DK,
How soon so dear a creature may decay,

And only leave behind XUVE!
And only leave behind exuviae1!

Whate’er 1 0 to do she did discharge,
Whate’er one ought to do she did discharge,

So that an NME it might NDR:—
So that an enemy it might endear:—

Then Y an SA write ? then why N ?
Then why an essay write? then why enlarge2?

Or with my briny tears her BR BDU?
Or with my briny tears her bier bedew?

When her Piano-40 she did press,
When her Piano-forte she did press,

Such heavenly sounds did MN8, that she,
Such heavenly sounds did emanate, that she,

Knowing her Q, soon 1 U 2 confess
Knowing her cue, soon won you to confess

Her XLNC in an XTC.
Her excellency in an ecstasy.

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