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Missionaries can’t dance

Missionaries can’t dance is only one of eight ways  to spot a missionary according to a post by Malin at Stuff Christians Like. Will make you read his post to see what he says.  My favorite on the list which I will copy in full is 4. Missionaries seem to always be on “Furlough.”  This one I may use in a prayer letter in the future! Malin writes,

What is Furlough? It is the time when a missionary leaves the field to come home. According to Webster’s Dictionary Furlough has 3 definitions:

1) A leave of absence or VACATION. (that doesn’t look good to your sponsors)

2) A temporary layoff from work. (It’s not a good thing to be laid off when the Big Guy is your boss).

3)A leave of absence from a prison for a prisoner (Did the missionary break-out from the compound or dutifully serve his full sentence?).

The connotations of furlough proved to be about as positive for the missionary as the former mascot “The Crusader” was for the Wheaton College student. Just like the Crusader; Furlough has also been discarded. So what is the current preferred term? A missionary now takes a “Home Assignment;” implying a task, a duty, a post or a position. Much more dignified!


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