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Evangelicals and the prosperity gospel

If God owned a golf course, this would be it

Since I am from Houston, I hear a lot of comments about Joel Osteen and his massive church.  I finally watched almost a full hour before I left the United States and do not regret that I never made a visit to his church to go through the live experience.  I am sure they are doing some things with regards to church growth that we could all learn, regardless of our theological bent.  I should probably get more angry about Osteen’s consistent teaching that God wants you well, happy and successful (ie the prosperity gospel). In my opinion he completely misses the sacrificial, self-giving, cross-bearing life of a Christ follower, a life in which we are most usually transformed into the likeness of Christ through hardship and suffering. I suppose I am more bored by his teaching than anything.

Are some of us closet prosperity gospel followers? Here is a link to a great post by Michael Kelly in which he suggests that some of us who criticize the prosperity teaching may actually be believers in ways we may not be aware. He is a guest blogger on Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like, a blog I recommend.  Kelly says we may be secret followers of the prosperity gospel:

In the little things
Selective Scripture interpretation
Blessings on layaway
Heavenly barter system


  1. Andrew
    August 8, 2010 at 3:58 am

    You should check out his Larry King interview, where his most common response (to questions about Jesus being the only way to heaven and whether there is a hell) is “I don’t know.”

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