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Soft Skills

From a newsletter by our U.S. director,

“Soft skills are life skills that are hard to teach from a book, like honesty, integrity, telling the truth, not stealing and not cheating,” she said. These are very new to these people and take a long time to learn, even longer than language and culture, perhaps. I guess our term for “soft skills” is values.”

Others describe “soft skills” as emotional intelligence as does Wikipedia here. Here is a quiz to determine which of your  soft skills need improvement. After taking it,  I need to “improve your interactions with a diversity of colleagues” and I need to “learn how to handle everyone from your critics to your direct reports.”  Based on a book by Peggy Klaus, The Hard Truth About Soft Skills.

A couple of  previous posts on worry and another one on anger I made after reading Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence.

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