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Change is possible

Beware of awakening hope! Is change possible?  Yes, says Dave Johnson, in an article in the spring/summer 2010 issue of Conversations.

Mindy Caliguire introduces Johnson’s article with these words about hope which are as good as the words of Johnson.

We are invited once again to hope.  But when we awaken hope, we had better be able to make good on the deal.  Because hope is the most dangerous thing in the world. Do not awaken it falsely; it destroys.  It unwinds rather than binds up, it wounds rather than heals, it corrodes rather than strengthens.  False hope can kill.

Caliguire says that Johnson shares authentic hope about the possibility of change, hope that will not disappoint us.  Johnson says we need three things for transformation to happen.  He says relationships and spiritual disciplines are not enough without the following three points.  They are necessary and non-negotiable!

1. Authentic–paraphrasing Mtt 5:3-4, Johnson says, “Blessed are those who start gettining ‘out here’ what is going on ‘in here.'”  “Whether it’s pain, fear, sin, or shame, “Blessed are those who quit pretending,; they get the comfort.”

2. Courageous–“to live authentically in light of what is true about you and true about me–about my motives, fears, sin, shame, and weakness–is the most courageous things we will ever do.”

3. Grace–“the only thing I know that has ever given me the courage to bring out into the light the things I would tend to hide in the dark.” Without “an environment of grace in our churches and small groups , people will never find the courage to really be authentic.”

Other quote from Johnson

If you are in a system of any kind–a family, a small group, or a church–in which how things look is what matters most, then I promise you that how things really are will never get dealt with.

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