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How to connect with others

Here is a post I copied from my friend John’s journal as he is trying to find a way to hold his family together following the death of his wife since she was “in many ways the glue that held our family together.”

Here’s are his excellent thoughts:
1.  Initiate.  Move toward each other.  I can’t wait for others.  I need to gently, lovingly press into other’s lives.
2.  Love deeply.  No ifs, ands or buts – just love others. for who she or he is (warts, wrinkles and all
3.  Listen. Listen quietly, hear one another’s heart beat.  This one is particularly hard for me because I have a lot to say!
4.  Sanctuary.  Be a safe place.  I may not “get it.” I may even disagree but first and foremost, I want to be a safe place for you to process – win or lose, succeed or fail, joy or sorrow.
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