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Throwing caution to the wind

What do you mean when you say, ‘Reaching for and experiencing God from the standpoint of my whole self has been nothing short of revolutionary’. I need that revolution in my life!” A reader asked John Fischer in his March 16 Catch of the Day.  His response:

What I meant is something raw, real and unselfconscious.

When was the last time you gave yourself so much to something that you forgot about yourself in the process? It means to respond to God with all of me. Not my prejudged, predetermined, weighed and measured Christian self, but my devil-may-care, throw-caution-to-the-wind, what-you-see-is-what-you-get human self. It’s responding to God from the standpoint of someone who knows nothing about God except to love him, versus one who appears to know everything.

That’s the problem I’m addressing here: some of us know too much, or at least we try to look and act like we do. Some of us have been in this Christian thing too long without acting on all the sermons we’ve heard, inspirations we’ve received, Chapels we’ve sat through, books we’ve read and seminars we’ve attended. (Did I leave anything out?) Do that too long and you can actually know too much to mean it.

Maybe some of us need a dumb and dumber faith that just grabs onto God and holds on for dear life, because there is nothing else we can do. It’s a dumb and dumber faith that starts over every day in some manner of trust or belief. And it’s believing without calculating. Like a child. Like a new Christian. Like anyone else who comes to Christ as a sinner in need of being saved.

Guest post from my wife: I think he is right on-particularly reminding me of  the danger for those of us who love to read and study about God…goes along with my need to celebrate more…not to say we shouldn’t read and study…but there is danger in it that needs to be recognized, and danger in judging those who don’t read and study as much….combined with the more introvert personality…you have been one God has used to encourage me in this area of throwing caution to the wind…although my efforts may appear quite feeble….

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