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What is the good life?

Living in America for the last four months has been a challenge for my soul–the seduction of stuff and comfort is subtle but persistent and can become all consuming. Whether I have the stuff or am denied it does not matter–both sow seeds of discontent, envy and pride in the deepest recesses within and lead to isolation, destruction and loneliness. May I be one that is not always complaining about what I don’t have but one who is able to see and is grateful for each gift that comes my way.  Need posts like the following to speak truth into my life.

F0llowing a discussion on Luke 9:25, “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?” (ESV), Diane Singer presents a mini-exegesis of the following prayer from Columbanus.

O Lord God, destroy and root out whatever the Adversary plants in me, that with my sins destroyed you may sow understanding and good work in my mouth and heart; so that in act and in truth I may serve only you and know how to fulfill the commandments of Christ and to seek yourself. Give me memory, give me love, give me chastity, give me faith, give me all things which you know belong to the profit of my soul. O Lord, work good in me, and provide me with what you know that I need. Amen. [1]

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