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The joy of confession in Psalm 32

Great post on the comma of grace from Stuff Christians Like that fits well with this post.  Luke 22:32, “And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”  As Jonathan says about the Luke 22 , it is a “loud, wild picture of what grace really looks like.” Be sure to read his full post.

Grace is why we should be willing to read and pray Psalm 32!

How right life is when

  • my sin
  • my iniquity and
  • my transgressions
  • are forgiven
  • covered up
  • not counted against me

Acknowledgement of my desperate need for

  • confession
  • forgiveness

Pain and suffering when hiding

  • my physical body wastes away
  • I groan all day long
  • God’s hand is heavy on me
  • my strength is dried up

Thankfulness for God

  • instructing
  • teaching
  • counseling
  • offering prayers
  • providing a hiding place

Prayer: Help me not to be stubborn or to stray

Promise—steadfast love surrounds those who trust in the LORD


  • Be glad in YHWH
  • Rejoice righteous ones
  • Shout for joy you upright ones

Psalm 32 in Wordle.

Psalm 32 (ESV) from Wordle.com

Psalm 32 from ESV thanks to http://www.wordle.net


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