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What is your story?

May we all tell great stories with our lives” is a beautiful quote from Donald Miller.  Do you know what you want? What would you long to do? Miller tells us that God created us with these longings and these longings will be what our story is about.

He says, “In a story, a character wants something and goes to get it.” What are we pursuing? Is it a good story? Maybe we need to dream?

Donald Miller talks about his new book here, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It is long, almost 40 minutes but I have listened to it twice now.  Its another must book for me.

Character of God: What is your paradigm for God? Is it okay with him if you dream?

Conflict: We all long for the conflict to be over. Every good story has conflict. You cannot live an inspiring life without hardship. It is necessary, It is the beauty of your lives.

Hijacking of our stories: We hear/see 3000 commercial messages a day, telling us, “You need. . .”  When we believe these messages, they become our story. We start believing that we should be comfortable or happy and start to think that conflict is bad. These messages hijack our story.  Conflict serves your life!

Consider Adam and Eve: Adam was lonely, longing for a companion. But he was not thinking, If I am  lonely, he didn’t think something is wrong, didn’t think something is wrong with me. As he named the animals, he felt conflict. Without the conflict, Adam would not have valued Eve.  God put conflict in between what he wanted and when he gained it. Conflict serves your life.

When there is dark stuff in our lives, we give that to God and say what kind of beautiful stuff can you do in my life?

When the story is over: We long for a climax in our life where conflict is solved. What do we do with these longings? Paul in Phil 3:8-10 knew his story was not over, “I long to know Christ.” Conflict did not finish at your conversion.

Conclusion: May we all tell great stories with our lives. May you tell an amazing story and stop waiting in fear for a story to happen to you. May we tell beautiful stories.

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