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Four types of fun in gaming

I admit that I don’t get the gaming thing but then again, centipede is the only game that I ever played more than once! Ok, and minesweeper.

But, Nicole Lazzaro has helped me (and maybe will help others out there) to understand gaming as she explains the four types of fun that occur in gaming. Lazaro said that “games create engagement,” leave an “emotional signature,” “change an emotional profile,” “paint experiences with emotion.” She said there are four types of fun involved in games. She said that successful games usually have three of the four types of fun below.

1. The goal of Hard Fun is challenge, mastery and personal accomplishment.

2. Easy Fun focuses on exploration, role play and storytelling. It invokes curiosity, wonder and surprise.

3. Serious Fun is all about reward.  You get smarter, create something and express your values in the world.

4. People Fun involves laughter and creating social bonding.  People fun pulls people together and creates social tokens to share.

What implications does this have as we think about creating community in the church?

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