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I never made a sacrifice

“Dr. Livingstone, I presume” Here is a link to an explanation for these famous words regarding the British explorer/missionary, David Livingstone. In looking for a picture, I also discovered info about the David Livingstone Centre in Scotland,  a place that I would very much like to visit on our next trip to Scotland.  Here is another site that provides a little more historical background for Livingstone. I have vague recollections about reading a book about Livingstone when I was young that influenced me to be a missionary.

Even though Livingstone appears to have benefited from the not so pure interests of the British colonial powers in his mission work, his words “I never made a sacrifice” resonate in my heart! Yes!

From a post by John Piper my wife sent to me.  Piper says Livingstone’s words are one of the clearest applications he has ever seen of Mark  10:29-30 (will let you look it up).  Following are Stanley’s words, cited by Piper from Perspectives

For my own part, I have never ceased to rejoice that God has appointed me to such an office. People talk of the sacrifice I have made in spending so much of my life in Africa. . . . Is that a sacrifice which brings its own blest reward in healthful activity, the consciousness of doing good, peace of mind, and a bright hope of a glorious destiny hereafter? Away with the word in such a view, and with such a thought! It is emphatically no sacrifice. Say rather it is a privilege. Anxiety, sickness, suffering, or danger, now and then, with a foregoing of the common conveniences and charities of this life, may make us pause, and cause the spirit to waver, and the soul to sink; but let this only be for a moment. All these are nothing when compared with the glory which shall be revealed in and for us. I never made a sacrifice.

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