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Where have all the young men gone?

What is going on with young men today? Do we lack  heroes?  In a blog post from Stephen Zelnick, he talks about the weak performance of men and boys in education. My favorite sentence: Without the restraint of shame, the encouragement of honor, and the inspiration of noble purpose, none of us can lead fulfilling and happy lives.

Men lack inspiring ideals that help organize and focus their energies

Men seem prematurely weary, defeated by obstacles they haven’t met yet, bored and restless and merely going through the motions.

Men seem not much motivated by anything other than greed.

How does a boy become a man without these inspirations?

No politician aspires to courage, or risks moral conviction

Girls enter as victims suffering from a lack of suitable life partners

I am seeing more aggressive young women and fewer aggressive young men in my classes

Young men are more uncertain about sex and marriage than ever. Women have been coached to take the lead and to think they need men “about as much as fish need bicycles.” They no longer seem to seek male protection and support.

Men have been robbed of their edge and purpose

Historically, men have been ennobled as protectors and have justified their hard work and sacrifice as heads of families and protectors of their communities.  Without that aspiration, young males can aspire to be earners and consumers and lonely foragers in the sexual forest, but that is not the same thing as being men.

If these things are even halfway true, what should the church be doing to reverse these trends?  What can I be doing? Investing in relationships with young men as a mentor and friend is the first thought that comes to my mind. Other suggestions or comments? Who is your hero?

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