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Exploring Nacirema

From soulpancake–great question: what will surprise future anthropologists about our current society in America?  Maybe better to expand the question to include our post-modern world!

Nacirema was a term originally used in 1956. : a satirical term used by anthropologists and sociologists to examine aspects of the behavior and society of American people (Note: The word is “American” spelled backwards.)

Please note that I am not against America but you have to admit that a lot of things don’t make a lot of sense even today, much less in the future. What things will the future look back and say, what were they thinking?

  • a person could have 1000 friends and have never met any of them in the flesh
  • they paid people to poison them with super-sized meals
  • people bought new clothes that were made to look old

Check out the original post at soulpancake and read lots of clever ideas

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