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Leadership without arrogance

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Another post about pride? I guess it is like one of those gophers that keeps popping up even if you hit it on the head every day!  But if you don’t want to be an arrogant leader, you can’t avoid the topic! And yes, this is a spiritual issue.  Pride can bring you down.

From a post by Mike Hawkins on Michael Hyatt’s blog

“Leadership can make you proud. It has a tendency to make you self-centered. It is easy to feel a sense of personal accomplishment when your team’s efforts result in something positive. It is easy to confuse the promotion of your people, products, and services with the promotion of yourself. The line between confidence and pride is a thin one.”

Be careful with pride. It can bury itself in your subconscious and sabotage you. It will permeate your thoughts, words, and actions. Without intending, you will come across as arrogant, conceited, and selfish. These are not qualities that endear people to you. Consider these five principles to maintain your humility:

  1. Seek feedback.
  2. Test your motives
  3. Know your responsibility.
  4. Ground your confidence in yourself.
  5. Know how to promote your value-add.

Read the full post to see more about each principle.

I have some immediate applications from this.

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