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Why are we not more honest?

What would you  say if you were completely honest?

  • People avoid you because you talk too much
  • I find it hard to be around so much negativity

Missing in some of the replies to the linked post above: speaking the truth in love.  Yes, I know Christians use it as an excuse to not speak the truth!  But I have spoken the truth to someone without love and when I do so, they can’t seem to hear the truth or discount it. Someone spoke the truth to me this week and I appreciated it and grew as a result.  We are in a small group with twenty somethings and in one with forty somethings.  Twenty somethings win regarding honesty about life.  Effective twelve step groups are grounded in honesty and I think that is what attracts me to them.

So, what keeps me from being completely honest with others?

  • I lack love for them
  • I am unwilling to walk with them to bring about change
  • I have not been invited to give them feedback
  • They may say they want to know the truth but their reactions show otherwise.

What about you?

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